Hospital Asset Tracking

Sysgen's hospital asset tracking system allows for a hospital to track every tagged asset within the hospital environment. Information logs can be maintained with Proximity tracking or a Real Time Location System (RTLS) tracking. On a 2D or 3D map, an asset can be viewed in motion while moving around a hospital corridor, room, surgical suite, ER, or even in the basement where supplies are typically stored. Reports of locations and asset management tools are also available to be purchased and integrated into the system. Using the Hospital's 802.11 wireless network, HP PDA's can be programmed to receive reports in real-time as to asset locations within the hospital environment.

Interfaces have already been written and tested between the RTLS Solution and many Hospital software packages currently in place at many hospitals throughout the United States .

The RTLS also allows clients to tag patients, employees, and doctors with an ID badge. This badge contains a bio-metric thumb print reader, which adds a second layer of security specific to hospital employees. Knowing where members of your staff are at any given time can help the hospital better analyze the work process during the course of a shift. Knowing where patients are at any time further helps reduce costs on an hourly basis.

With our solutions, clients can tag an asset such as an Infusion Pump, and marry that pump to a patient ID badge, thereby informing the Patient care system of a particular therapy. When the process is complete, and a patient no longer needs the pump, the system is intelligent enough to notify a staff nurse who may complete the process by updating the patient management system, and process the pump to be sterilized for re- use again.

A recent study conducted on our behalf showed that a typical 950 bed hospital employs approximately 300 IV pumps at any given time at a cost of close to $25 for each device per day. This same hospital must keep available some 600 pumps on hand at all times to sufficiently serve their patient population. These studies show that if all IV pumps can be accounted for at all times, the actual number of pumps needed to be kept on hand can be reduced to approximately 330. This represents more than $2 million annual savings for the hospital. ( courtesy of Parco)

This same study also pointed out that of the 300 beds using the IV pumps daily, typically less than 150 patients were actually paying for the per day cost to the hospital. The Parco system can help the typical 900 bed hospital recover almost $8 million of annual lost charges simply by conveying precisely when and where the pump is set up and in use. The return on investment for the hospital is realized within the first few months of operation. Similar savings and recovery on lost charges can be expected with other medical equipment such as pulse oximeters, EKG machines, wheelchairs, etc.

These are but a few of the working examples of how asset tagging and tracking within a hospital can lower operating costs and streamline the efficiency of hospital administration.

The Hospital Asset Tracking System utilizes a core engine provided in partnership by Parco Merged Media, the leader in Hospital Asset Tracking Systems. The RFID technology used in this application is based on UWB, Ultra Wide Band RFID.

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