Nursing Home Tracking

Asset Managemnet Platform for Long Term Care Providers

aSysgen TracPoint utilizes state of the art, RTLS ( Real Time Location System), RFID wireless monitoring technology that enhances effective management of  long term care provider’s greatest assets: its residents, its staff and its equipment. Using intra and internet connectivity, TracPoint allows staff to quickly find the location of a resident, staff member or a critical piece of equipment quickly, with a resolution of approximately 1 foot or less.

Resident Tracking - Wireless RTLS resident tracking and elopement prevention functions allow for a more home-like, less restrictive environment while increasing effective behavior and wandering management. Whether assessing resident behavior over time in order to provide optimal supervision or ensuring a safe environment for Alzheimer’s wandering and elopement prevention, TracPoint is a critical technology tool in today’s nursing homes for regulatory, legal and customer satisfaction purposes. Utilizing a text enabled beeper, cell phone, or email/text message system,  TracPoint automatically and confidentially notifies staff of a potential elopement incident before a resident has left the building as well as a more critical notice that the resident is attempting to leave the building. The wireless system permits resident monitoring in outside areas for increased resident freedom. Enhanced capabilities include wireless call-bell capabilities, vital sign monitoring ( coming soon) and critical notification, resident fall alerts/functions .

Staff Management - Wireless staff management functions permit tighter staff management capabilities. Swift staff location allows for enhanced resident response to call bells and other critical patient care functions. Whether for on-site or off-site monitoring purposes, TracPoint enables providers to ensure quality of care, efficient use of staff resources, and generally enhanced control over all levels of staff. Enhanced features include wireless voice communication as well as time clock integration personnel functions.

Patient Care Equipment - Wireless critical asset management tracking allows management of wheelchairs, concentrators, pulse-oximeters and other critical, expensive patient care equipment. By more effectively and efficiently locating a critical piece of medical equipment, TracPoint eliminates minutes of staff searching each and every day. Simply enter a description of the asset or tag ID # and the search engine locates the equipment almost instantly. The information is displayed in either 2D or 3D mode.   Enhanced RFID features include preventative management integration, and warrantee tracking information.

a Using a cutting edge RFID platform, TracPoint readers are placed strategically throughout a facility. These readers track the residents, personnel or equipment units as they move throughout the day allowing for immediate display of location or safe minute by minute monitoring of confused residents or enhanced communications with alert residents in a more resident friendly manner. TracPoint enhances resident safety and satisfaction while simultaneously increasing staff effectiveness and efficiency.

Reports - Reporting Systems are built into TracPoint providing management with  a variety of important report functionality.

Our Patent Pending technology makes the system easy to use and even easier to manage & monitor patients in real time. From nightly Bed Checks, to enrolling a new resident or valuable piece of equipment into the system, TracPoint’s ease of use makes the system invaluable in running today’s  Nursing Home.

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